Boardroom Installation - Paris. Jupiter Screen


SPOR Group was tasked with designing and integrating AV solutions for the our clients Paris Boardroom. The company was a “Microsoft Teams house,” meaning that they utilised Microsoft Teams as their primary communication platform, and required Microsoft Teams standards to be delivered throughout the boardroom.

SPOR Group designed and installed AV solutions for the boardroom, ensuring that the room was easy to use via a table touch panel and that there was a single display big enough to display content. The equipment was carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with the Microsoft Teams platform, enabling the company’s employees to communicate with ease.

The AV solutions included a high-quality camera, microphones, and speakers to ensure clear and crisp audio and video communication. The touch panel controls were designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for employees to start and join meetings with just a few simple taps.

SPOR Group also implemented a room booking system, allowing employees to easily reserve the boardroom and ensuring that the AV equipment was always available when needed. The room booking system was integrated with the company’s existing scheduling software, providing a streamlined user experience.


After SPOR Group installed a 21:9 Jupiter display in the Paris Boardroom, the users experienced a significant improvement in their communication and collaboration experience. The large display provided a panoramic view of the meeting content, making it easy for all participants to see and engage with the material being presented.

The 21:9 aspect ratio of the display provided a wide viewing angle, making it ideal for displaying presentations, videos, and other visual aids. The high resolution of the display ensured that the content was clear and easily visible from anywhere in the room.

Additionally, the Jupiter display was integrated with the touch panel controls, making it easy for users to adjust the display settings and control the content being displayed. This allowed for a more interactive and collaborative meeting experience, where users could easily share their ideas and feedback in real-time.

Overall, the installation of the 21:9 Jupiter display by SPOR Group was a significant upgrade for the company’s Paris Boardroom. It provided users with a seamless and immersive communication and collaboration experience, enabling them to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Managed Service

SPOR continue to provide a managed service for this client. If there are any issues with this room, the client simply raises a ticket to the SPOR help desk who send their engineer to site for rectification. This allows the user to rest at ease safe in the knowledge that any issues are quickly dealt with by professional AV engineers.