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We’re on a mission to get organisations connected across the globe. We leave no stone unturned, leading multi-site organisations to improving their customer and employee engagement. At SPOR, we aim to enhance productivity and increase competitive advantage whilst reducing costs. ​

How do we do it? We deliver a range of scalable and intuitive workplace technology solutions, and we work closely with clients to design, deliver, integrate and support their workplace technology requirements.

We are SPOR, and we stand out from our competitors. We offer clients the best of both worlds, offering global capability, delivered with an agile personalised approach. Experience SPOR and discover the future with exciting workplace technology.


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The planet is our playground. We are proud to design workplace solutions which allow the capability for organisations to reduce carbon footprint. Our innovative designs and installations minimize the environmental impact of modern technology

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At SPOR Group, our core values, represented by the acronym "PHD" - Passion, Honesty, and Drive - form the bedrock of our organisation's culture and guide our actions and decisions every day.


Passion embodies our unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for what we do. It is the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence and fuels our determination to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients. We take pride in the work we do, and our passion inspires us to go the extra mile to exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results.


Honesty is the cornerstone of our relationships, both internally among team members and externally with our customers, partners, and stakeholders. We believe in transparent and open communication, fostering trust and mutual respect. By upholding honesty in all aspects of our operations, we build lasting connections and maintain a reputation for integrity within the industry.


Drive characterises our determination to continuously improve and innovate. With a “Go, Go, Go” attitude we embrace challenges and view them as opportunities for growth. We have an unwavering drive, we adapt to change, stay ahead of the curve, and remain at the forefront of our field. Our collective ambition to push boundaries empowers us to reach new heights and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape.
As SPOR Group, we take immense pride in living and breathing our values – Passion, Honesty, and Drive. They not only define who we are but also reflect our commitment to deliver excellence, build strong relationships, and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. These values are the foundation of our success, driving us forward as a united and purpose-driven organisation.

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Human – Not superhuman. We put real people at the centre of everything that we do. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and guiding their technology choices based entirely on their needs. We support equality and human rights for everyone.