Auditing Client


The client, a multinational corporation with offices in Leeds, required an installation of BYOD and Microsoft Teams solutions for their meeting rooms, boardroom, and flexible collaboration areas.

Meeting Rooms: The client needed to provide the users with BYOD solutions for each meeting room across their Leeds estate. The AV installation included high-quality video conferencing equipment with Microsoft Teams integration, such as high-resolution cameras, microphones, and speakers, to ensure seamless video and audio communication during meetings. The AV installation also included large displays or monitors for presentations and screen sharing, and easy-to-use control systems for managing meetings effectively.

Divisible Room: The client’s divisible room required a sophisticated audio solution tailored for easy to use BYOD integrated solutions to accommodate high-level meetings with remote participants. The AV solution included advanced video conferencing equipment, such as professional-grade cameras with pan-tilt-zoom functionality, high-quality microphones, and premium speakers for crystal-clear audio. Large format displays. The AV installation was designed to provide a premium experience for boardroom meetings with easy to use technology so that any user can simply walk into the room and use it with their own device.


The Leeds AV installation in the meeting rooms, divisible room and flexible working solutions provided the client with state-of-the-art communication and collaboration capabilities. The high-quality AV equipment, seamless Microsoft Teams integration, and easy-to-use control systems ensured efficient and effective meetings. The client was satisfied with the professional AV installation, which improved their overall office communication and productivity.