UK Roll out of AV technology


A simplification of AV deployment across multiple offices for our client. We needed to deploy to multiple locations across the UK and needed to ensure that the technology deployment was simple for users to use and understand.

Following the COVID pandemic, our user wanted the ability for their users to walk into any meeting room and start their video conference meetings using a single button to touch. After being home for 2 years, users were used to simply starting video calls and our client wanted to bring that ease of use into their office locations.


SPOR conducted an audit of the whole estate across the UK comprising of 23 offices. Once the audit was completed, SPOR presented the findings of what technology was in each location so that we could then provide a bridge to simple technology solution recommendations.

Following consultation, SPOR provided a price to bring all offices up the an agreed standard of deployment before embarking on a 5 month programme for installation of these systems.