Canary Wharf Meeting Room Installation


The technology company was moving into their new office in Canary Wharf and needed AV technology to cover small, medium, and large meeting rooms, as well as open collaboration areas. They also required room booking technology.

The proposed solution included a range of AV systems to suit different room sizes. Small meeting rooms were fitted with display screens and simple audio systems for video conferencing and presentation purposes. Medium-sized rooms had larger displays, high-quality speakers, and microphones to capture clear audio for remote participants. Large meeting rooms were equipped with high-definition video projectors, motorized screens, and professional-grade audio systems.

Open collaboration areas were designed to facilitate communication and creativity, with multiple displays and wireless presentation systems available for employees to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

The room booking technology allowed employees to schedule meetings and reserve rooms through a centralized booking system. The system was integrated with the AV technology, ensuring that the appropriate equipment was available for each meeting.

The proposed solution was implemented successfully, providing the company with functional and flexible AV systems that met their needs. The AV technology in the meeting rooms and open collaboration areas enabled employees to communicate and collaborate effectively, while the room booking technology made it easy to schedule and manage meetings.


SPOR Group was appointed as the AV integrator for the technology company’s new office in Canary Wharf, the result was a successful implementation of functional and flexible AV systems that met the company’s needs. Employees would have the ability to use the meeting rooms to conduct meetings globally with ease. The AV technology in the meeting rooms has enabled employees to communicate effectively with remote participants, with high-quality audio and video systems providing clear communication. This allows the company to collaborate with clients and colleagues from around the world in a seamless and efficient manner. Overall, the result of the project is a functional and flexible AV system that met the company’s needs, allowing for effective communication and collaboration within the new office space whilst being presented in an environment which welcomes guests and colleagues.