Energy Provider Client


Our team recently achieved a milestone in partnering with a prominent energy provider, completing a comprehensive AV deployment for their new office in Glasgow. This project encompassed the integration of cutting-edge audiovisual solutions in town hall spaces, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, showcasing our commitment to enhancing their collaborative and communication capabilities.


Town Hall Spaces:

The deployment in town hall spaces involved a strategic combination of high-quality audio and visual elements. Large displays and advanced sound systems were incorporated to ensure that presentations, town hall meetings, and company-wide events could be conducted with clarity and impact.

Meeting Rooms:

To facilitate seamless communication within meeting rooms, we installed state-of-the-art AV equipment. High-resolution cameras, superior-quality microphones, and immersive speakers were integrated, creating an environment conducive to effective video conferencing and collaboration. User-friendly controls were implemented to enhance the overall meeting experience.


The boardrooms received a tailored AV setup designed to meet the specific needs of executive-level discussions. Our deployment included Cisco technology as the video conferencing platform, ensuring a robust and reliable solution for virtual meetings. Large displays, crystal-clear audio, and intuitive controls were seamlessly integrated to provide an executive boardroom environment that matched the energy provider’s standards.

Cisco Technology:

As part of our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions, we utilised Cisco technology as the video conferencing platform. This choice not only ensured a secure and reliable virtual communication environment but also aligned with the energy provider’s tech infrastructure seamlessly.

This successful AV deployment for our energy provider client in Glasgow stands as a testament to our capability in creating tailored solutions that align with industry standards. By leveraging Cisco technology and implementing innovative AV solutions in town hall spaces, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, we’ve contributed to enhancing their operational efficiency and communication infrastructure. Our team takes pride in delivering solutions that empower our clients to thrive in their dynamic business landscape.