Equity Company - London


The client, a multinational corporation with offices in London, required an installation of Zoom Audio-Visual (AV) solutions for their meeting rooms, boardroom, and digital signage requirements.

Meeting Rooms: The client needed Zoom AV solutions installed in multiple meeting rooms across their office space in London. The AV installation included high-quality video conferencing equipment with Zoom integration, such as high-resolution cameras, microphones, and speakers, to ensure seamless video and audio communication during meetings. The AV installation also included large displays or monitors for presentations and screen sharing, and easy-to-use control systems for managing meetings effectively.

Boardroom: The client’s boardroom required a sophisticated Zoom AV installation to accommodate high-level meetings with remote participants. The AV solution included advanced video conferencing equipment with Zoom integration, such as professional-grade cameras with pan-tilt-zoom functionality, high-quality microphones, and premium speakers for crystal-clear audio. Large format displays or video walls were also installed for immersive presentations and video sharing. The AV installation was designed to provide a premium experience for boardroom meetings with seamless Zoom integration.

Digital Signage: The client also required digital signage solutions to enhance communication and engagement within their office space. Digital signage displays were installed in strategic locations, such as lobbies, corridors, and common areas, to display important announcements, corporate messages, and other relevant content. The digital signage solution included easy-to-use content management software that allowed the client to update and schedule content remotely.

Conclusion: The Zoom AV installation in the meeting rooms, boardroom, and digital signage solutions provided the client with state-of-the-art communication and collaboration capabilities. The high-quality AV equipment, seamless Zoom integration, and easy-to-use control systems ensured efficient and effective meetings, while the digital signage solution enhanced internal communication within the office space. The client was satisfied with the professional AV installation, which improved their overall office communication and productivity.


The successful installation of the Zoom AV equipment by SPOR Group resulted in significant improvements in the client’s office communication and productivity. The meeting rooms were equipped with high-quality video conferencing equipment integrated with Zoom, enabling seamless video and audio communication during meetings. The boardroom was transformed into a sophisticated space for high-level meetings, with advanced video conferencing equipment and immersive displays for presentations and video sharing. The digital signage solutions added an effective means of communication and engagement within the office space, with strategically placed displays showcasing important announcements and corporate messages.

As a result of the successful installation, the client experienced enhanced collaboration and communication during meetings, resulting in more productive discussions and decision-making. The high-quality AV equipment, coupled with the seamless integration of Zoom, improved the overall meeting experience for both in-person and remote participants. The immersive displays in the boardroom and digital signage solutions helped to convey important information and messages effectively, keeping the office workforce informed and engaged.

The client expressed satisfaction with the professional AV installation by SPOR Group, which met their requirements and exceeded their expectations. The successful implementation of Zoom AV solutions contributed to a more efficient and effective office communication environment, positively impacting the client’s operations and productivity.