Executive Office


The client was seeking a simple AV solution for their CEO’s office. The system needed to be easy to use and low-maintenance, with the ability to conduct video conferences, display presentations, and play audio.

The proposed solution included a high-quality video conferencing camera with a built-in microphone and speaker system. The camera captured clear video and audio of the CEO and their meeting attendees.

For presentations, a large, high-definition display screen was mounted on the wall, easily visible from anywhere in the room. The display could show content from various sources, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

To complete the setup, a simple audio system with high-quality, discreetly placed speakers played music and other audio content.

The solution was easy to use, requiring minimal setup time and technical knowledge. It was also scalable, allowing for additional features to be added in the future if necessary.

The proposed solution was functional, meeting the client’s requirements for quality and ease of use, while staying within their budget.


Working with SPOR Group to install the AV system, the result the client now has a functional and user-friendly setup which met the client’s requirements and avoids needless engineer call outs. The deployment of Microsoft Teams in our clients solution gives the client the ability to conduct video conferences using the video conferencing camera and microphone system. They can easily display content from Microsoft Teams on the high-definition dual display screen mounted on the wall. This enables the client to conduct virtual meetings with colleagues and clients from the comfort of their CEO’s office.