Finance Company - London


SPOR Group had the opportunity to work with the client to design and install an AV system for their new building in London. The project involved the installation of digital signage, meeting rooms, a boardroom, and some small huddle spaces.

SPOR Group worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and preferences for the AV system. They conducted a site survey to assess the space and make recommendations on the best equipment and layout for the AV system.

After the site survey, SPOR Group created a detailed design plan for the AV system, which included the placement of equipment, wiring diagrams, and a detailed cost estimate. The client reviewed and approved the design plan, and SPOR Group proceeded to install the system alongside the clients chosen Main Contractor.

The installation process involved mounting the equipment, running cables, and configuring the system to meet the client’s specific needs. SPOR Group also conducted thorough testing to ensure that the system was functioning correctly and met the client’s expectations.

Upon completion of the project, SPOR Group provided training to the client’s staff on how to use the system, and they offered ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and reliability of the system. The client was pleased with the state-of-the-art AV system that SPOR Group provided, which meets their needs and enhances their business operations


The successful completion of the AV system installation project by SPOR Group resulted in a fully functional and reliable system for the client’s new building in London. The digital signage, meeting rooms, boardroom, and small huddle spaces were all equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology that met the client’s specific requirements and preferences.

The AV system has improved the overall functionality of the client’s new building, allowing for effective communication, collaboration, and presentation capabilities. The staff can now conduct meetings, training sessions, and presentations with ease and professionalism, enhancing the client’s business operations and productivity.

Furthermore, the ongoing support and maintenance services provided by SPOR Group ensure that the AV system remains reliable and up-to-date. The successful completion of this project has not only met the client’s expectations but also exceeded them, resulting in a satisfied and happy client.