Investment Company - London


For the new office build of our financial client in London, an AV fit-out was required for the boardroom, 4 meeting rooms, and the reception area. The goal was to equip each space with technology that enables smooth and efficient communication, presentations, and collaboration.

The boardroom required a large display screen that could display high-quality visuals and sound. A conference system was also necessary to allow for seamless communication during virtual meetings. The system needed to be easy to use and capable of handling multiple input sources, including laptops and mobile devices. A secondary display was also needed for a different orientation of the space.

Each of the four meeting rooms was equipped with a display screen that could accommodate presentations and video conferencing. The screens needed to be easy to operate and have high-resolution capabilities to ensure clear visuals. Audio systems were also installed to allow for clear communication during meetings.

The reception area was fitted with a visitor management technology solution to allow visitors to sign in easily.


Following the successful AV fit-out installation carried out by SPOR Group in the office, users experienced significant improvements in communication and collaboration. The technology installed in the boardroom and meeting rooms enabled seamless virtual meetings and presentations, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

The large display screens in the boardroom and meeting rooms provided high-quality visuals, making it easier for users to share information and ideas. The audio systems ensured clear communication during virtual meetings, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring that all participants were able to fully engage in discussions.

Overall, the AV fit-out carried out by SPOR Group had a positive impact on the office users, improving their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. The technology installed was reliable, easy to use, and tailored to the specific needs of each room, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience for users.