Monzo - Fintech Bank


In the context of serving a Fintech Bank customer, our team effectively executed an extensive deployment of AV technology. The customer, a multinational enterprise, provided specific criteria for their various meeting spaces, including meeting rooms, a boardroom, and adaptable collaboration zones.


In the meeting rooms, our assignment involved integrating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Teams. To ensure seamless audio and video communication during meetings, we installed high-caliber video conferencing apparatus, encompassing premium cameras, microphones, and speakers. Additionally, we integrated substantial displays or monitors for presentations and screen sharing. The implementation also featured user-friendly control systems to streamline meeting management.

The divisible room posed a distinctive challenge as it necessitated an advanced audio solution accommodating straightforward BYOD integration for elevated meetings involving remote participants. Our team conceived an AV solution that incorporated sophisticated video conferencing tools, including professional-caliber cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, top-tier microphones, and speakers delivering impeccable audio output. The inclusion of sizeable format displays further enhanced the boardroom meeting environment. The primary aim was to ensure technology usability, enabling effortless utilization of personal devices by any user entering the room.

The AV setup demonstrated its effectiveness by furnishing the client with cutting-edge communication and collaboration capacities. The seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, coupled with superior AV equipment, facilitated efficient and productive meetings. The client conveyed contentment with the adept AV installation, which substantially augmented their overall office communication and operational efficiency.

To sum up, our team’s adeptness in implementing state-of-the-art AV technology ensured precise fulfilment of the financial client’s communication prerequisites, thereby enhancing their collaborative potential and elevating the quality of their meeting experiences.