Multi Room Installation of Zoom Rooms in Lisbon


SPOR Group was tasked with designing and integrating AV solutions for the our clients Lisbon office. The company was a “ZOOM house,” meaning that they utilised Zoom as their primary communication platform, and required Zoom standards to be delivered throughout the office.

SPOR Group designed and installed AV solutions for the office’s boardrooms, meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and room booking systems. Each room was equipped with high-quality audio and visual equipment, including microphones, speakers, cameras, and displays. The equipment was carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with the Zoom platform, enabling the company’s employees to communicate with ease.

SPOR Group also implemented room booking systems, allowing employees to easily reserve meeting spaces and ensuring that the AV equipment was always available when needed. The room booking system was integrated with the company’s existing scheduling software, providing a streamlined user experience.


As a result of SPOR Group’s successful delivery of AV solutions for the company’s Lisbon office, the users experienced a seamless and efficient communication experience. The high-quality audio and visual equipment installed in each room ensured that meetings were clear and easily understood, regardless of the location of the participants.

The integration of the AV equipment with the Zoom platform provided users with a user-friendly and intuitive communication experience. The room booking system ensured that the AV equipment was always available when needed, enabling users to quickly and easily reserve meeting spaces without any technical hiccups.

Overall, the successful installation of AV solutions by SPOR Group enabled the company’s employees to communicate effectively and efficiently, leading to increased productivity and improved collaboration across teams.