Real Estate Investment Company - Sydney


SPOR recently completed a project in Sydney for a prominent Real Estate Investment company, where we successfully implemented cutting-edge Poly and Microsoft Teams solutions throughout their meeting rooms and boardrooms.

The client, a key player in the real estate investment sector, entrusted us with the task of enhancing their communication and collaboration capabilities within their Sydney office. To achieve this, our team integrated state-of-the-art Poly and Microsoft Teams solutions tailored to their specific needs.


In the meeting rooms, we engineered a seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) experience by deploying Poly solutions that seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams. This integration allowed for effortless video and audio communication during meetings. We installed top-of-the-line cameras, high-quality microphones, and premium speakers to ensure crystal-clear video conferencing and audio output. Furthermore, we incorporated large displays and monitors to facilitate effective presentations and screen sharing. User-friendly control systems were also implemented for efficient meeting management.

The boardrooms presented a unique challenge, demanding a solution that could accommodate high-level discussions and presentations. Our team responded with a comprehensive AV setup featuring Poly solutions and Microsoft Teams integration. This encompassed advanced cameras equipped with pan-tilt-zoom functionality, top-tier microphones, and premium speakers to deliver exceptional audio and video quality. Large-format displays were strategically placed to enhance the boardroom meeting experience. The objective was to make technology easily accessible, allowing anyone to walk in and utilise it effortlessly, fostering a productive and collaborative atmosphere.

The successful implementation of Poly and Microsoft Teams solutions significantly elevated the client’s communication and collaboration capabilities. The seamless integration of these technologies improved their overall office efficiency. The Real Estate Investment company expressed satisfaction with the professional AV installation, recognising its contribution to enhancing their office environment.